Greetings! and thank you for considering Mandaville as a place to hold your retreat experience.  It would be our pleasure to have you as our guests.  Our staff will work hard to ensure you accomplish your event purpose and objectives.

The following fees for adult groups include: overnight accommodations; three meals (usually supper, breakfast, and  lunch); and the use of the camp facilities and programming equipment.  User guests are responsible to bring their own bedding and toiletries.

For youth retreat rates please contact the camp directly at or

Up to 50 people, including staff —— $45.00 per person (3 meals) / 2 nights (6 meals) —— $80.    The minimum user rate per group – one night —— $350.00 / user rate for a 2 night stay is —– $700. For individuals not staying overnight but enjoying the dining facilities, the cost will be $7.00 per meal / per person.

It should be understood that the Mandaville Camp & Retreat Center staff will oversee kitchen services for  cooking, serving and cleanup of meals. Particular group/individual needs and circumstances may allow for alternative arrangements and cost adjustments.

There is a $50.00 non-refundable deposit due which will be deducted from the total cost at the time of departure.

If a previously scheduled date must be changed, a two-week advance notice is greatly appreciated.

If you need any further clarification or have additional questions, please contact us.  Thank You!

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