Adventure is out there! – Emmett Update

The life of a disciple, a follower of Jesus, is a life of adventure. This was our overall theme this summer. Our Bible teachers and staff did a wonderful job of explaining why and how one can join the great adventure and living that out before our campers.
Each week we added extra adventures into the program whether it was an off-site fishing or canoe trip, or exploring our 200+ acres on a treasure hunt. The program reinforced the Bible lessons of following and trusting Jesus.
Holding camp itself is always an adventure with many unknowns and surprises along the way. This translates into many opportunities to trust God and experience how He sup- plies as our Jehovah Jireh, The Lord Our Provider! The main way we saw Him work through your prayers is how others stepped in to serve. Whether teaching Bible, coun- seling, cooking, nursing, driving bus, mowing grass, or running a program activity; camp requires many hands and willing hearts to pull off. We are so thankful for all those who sacrificed and answered the call this summer. They all did an amazing job and camp wouldn’t happen without your prayers and their service. For us, it is most rewarding to see staff and campers grow in their relationship with Jesus and in confidence in who He made them to be. At camp there are so many opportunities to discover and build on right relationships, interests, and skills. Each staff member could give you a list of highlights like: two new campers encouraging a shy one to join pioneer week, Madison being pa- tient with a more distracted group member, William catching that elusive salamander, Christiana overcoming fears and trotting her horse on her own, Christopher choosing to stay overnight, campers and staff concerned about and voicing their desire to stay in God’s Word consistently after camp. We are humbled and grateful for how God worked in hearts and provided for camp this summer.

Adventure Awaits ~

Many of us up here near the Adirondack Mountains hike
and can visualize coming up to a bend in the trail. When it
takes a sharp turn you can’t see what awaits around the
corner. It may be, ugh—a steep incline, or a gradual dip, or
you may break out on top to a glorious view. Bob and I
have been adventuring with God and find ourselves ap-
proaching an unexpected bend in the trail. We are stepping
aside of our role as directors of Mandaville; unsure of what lies
around the corner. Thankfully God has designed us both with adventurous spirits. We are convinced that the One we are travelling with is our Jehovah Jireh. We are also con- fident that He has a plan and place for us to continue serving Him with the strengths and passions He has placed in us. Please pray for us over these next few months as God leads us around the bend and brings that plan into view and focus. By His grace we are open, available, and willing, but there are undoubtedly some rough spots ahead.

We still passionately believe in the work God is doing in and through the Mandaville Camp ministry. He has brought about many amazing opportunities and answers to prayer this past year, let alone over all 45 years of its existence! Our main concerns and desires at this point are for God to provide His chosen leadership team for

Mandaville, that there will be a strong, smooth transition for them, and that the North Country community will welcome, trust, and support them as they have so wonderfully done for our family.

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

Please take time with us to praise and thank God for:

  •  the work He did in hearts this summer
  • the many ways and people he worked through to provide for the needs of camp, for example, members of First Baptist Church, Canton donating much needed food and supplies ; and Knapp Station Comm. Church and Dickinson Center Baptist Church VBS for providing for a new commercial range for camp
  • those who obeyed and served here this summer
  • the 15 new families served this summer
  • those who have prayed for the Mandaville ministry for many years and how He has answered those prayers for finances, equipment, and people to serve
  • How He has consistently provided for our family through a faithful support team as we have walked this path together

Pray for:

  • prayer and financial supporters to continue to pray and give to Mandaville and our family support as God leads
  • God to raise up His chosen leadership team for Mandaville and provide faithful ministry partners for each individual and family
  • a strong and smooth transition to new leadership
  • the North Country pastors, churches and community would welcome, trust, and encourage new leadership and even increase their involvement with camp
  • our campers to grow in their faith and obedience in their daily lives
  • peace and a clear direction for our family

Quick notes on our family

We are so thankful to the Lord for His gracious working in the lives of our children. He has placed them in good working and learning environments. He also has provided them with relationships that help them grow spiritually.
Trevor, Becca, Emmalynne (3) and Mason (2) live in the North Country. They work hard at and enjoy parenting, Trevor’s electrician’s business, and Becca’s serving at a restaurant some evenings. They are enjoying their church family in Potsdam.
Travis and Bonnie just celebrated their 1st anniversary and are expecting twins soon!! Travis serves as a BCM missionary at Camp Sankanac in PA; where they live on site. Bonnie is working as an RN in a hospital.
Titus is serving a year long internship at Forest Springs Camp in WI, which will finish his degree in camping ministries come April.
Aubree is completing her last year of classes at Clarks Summit University in PA. She’ll have a few online courses, practicum hours, and an internship to complete her masters in counseling.

Thank you all for your faithful and vital partnership for this ministry and our family.

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Bob & Sharon Emmett ~ Mandaville Camp & Retreat Center~165 Sheldon Rd, Winthrop, NY 13697 Bob: 231-674-5619 BCM Int’l ~ 210 Granite Run Dr, Ste 260, Lancaster, PA 17601 ~, Camp acct. 80147, Emmett acct. 625

September Prayer Letter

When God’s Answer is, “No”

One night in the late 1860‟s, little Amy Carmichael sincerely prayed that God would give her blue eyes. As she eagerly looked in the mirror the next morning she was very disappointed to discover that she still had brown eyes. She realized it wasn't that He didn't hear or answer her, it was that His answer was, “No”. Years later as she disguised herself to sneak into the Hindu temples in India she finally had the reason why God had said no; blue eyes would have ruined her disguise and prevented her from saving many children and young women from a life of slavery to the priests and Hindu gods.

We all enjoyed „Missions with Miss Aubree‟ this summer as she told Amy‟s amazing life story and how the work she founded, Dohnavur Fellowship, is still rescuing children and young women today. As with Amy, maybe it will be years before we fully realize why God said, “No” to our pleas for more counselors this summer. Aubree and I became the counselors for the girls and Bob and Mr. Chris for the boys. Yet because Aubree had just shared Amy‟s story with the staff, we were encouraged to trust God and step into those roles looking forward to what He was going to do.

God sightings—God at work

- Despite our small staff, we really had a good summer of ministry and we are praising God for how well the staff supported each other and stepped-up in various ways. Since we didn't‟t have staff and applicants to run the teen base camp, Titus turned his focus to directing the camp program and connecting with our 5 teen staff in the evenings.

- Each week we were blessed with clear and powerful Bible teaching and the campers were attentive.

- Scholarships work to give
young people a life-changing opportunity as this quote from one camper testifies, “We don‟t have the money... Then God kept saying go they [camp] will be happy to help...this week helped my relationship with God to grow.” We are so thankful for those who give to our scholarship fund!

- We saw again how camp is a safe haven and even family for some— Just watching us serve together at camp as a couple and family is huge to some kids.

New at camp:

  • Improvements made to our free play area were a big hit—campers‟ faces lit up as they realized the whole area is theirs to simply use their imagination in. There were dragons to be fought, a campsite shelter built, a much loved and chased resident gorilla...super fun to relax and just be kids.
  • We also added an air rifle range to our property and programming this year and Mr. Dave is now NRA instructor certified. This is a good introduction to gun safety and marksmanship and we can expand the range in the future.
  • Also impressive and a great addition is the earthen oven that the Pioneer Boys built in their campsite.

Thank you for your partnership in this ministry! Gratefully In Christ,

  • Bob & Sharon Emmett

Praise & Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to soften the hearts of our campers and reveal Christ to them and for those who came to know Jesus to grow and stand fast in their faith
  • Pray for wisdom as we seek to continue to build relationships with our campers year round
  • For God‟s provision and direction for camp that we would better serve our surrounding communities and local churches
  • For Travis and Bonnie as they begin their marriage, finish their schooling, serve at Camp Sankanac, and begin building a prayer and support team for their ministry at camp.
  • For better emotional health for Bob

Travis & Bonnie Emmett! August 18, 2018

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Upcoming events at camp:

Sept 22 Church picnics
Sept 29th Family Fun Day 1-4pm
Oct 5-8 NYS DEC Trapper’s Ed Camp Oct 12-13 FBC Parishville Teen Retreat Oct Hunter/ Bow Hunter Ed courses

March Prayer Letter

Greetings to our fellow laborers in Christ!

We are grateful for all God is doing and for your faithful partnership in the ministry here at Mandaville and in our surrounding community.

Our fall and winter programming went well and we are excited about how God has worked in answer to your prayers! At our fall Family Fun Day, we had the most people on the camp property ever! It was great to be able to offer our neighboring communities a fun FREE outing for their families to enjoy together. The other events we hosted were also meaningful, and God continues to help us build good relationships as we serve these groups with excellence. We are thankful for the volunteers God provided for many of our events and the endurance He gave when we were spread thin! Several people have helped with cutting wood, a heating system, cooking, dishes, and counseling. Their enthusiasm for what God is doing at camp is a great encouragement.
Thank you also for praying for our family. Trevor’s business continues to grow, and he is gaining a good reputation. It is so fun to watch him and Becca parent as they are doing an excellent job with Emmalynne and Mason! Travis and Bonnie (Jackson) are now engaged and will be married Aug 18th at Camp Sankanac, PA, where Travis has been and will con- tinue serving. They will also both continue their studies and hope to finish in Dec. Titus and Aubree settled into life at Clarks Summit University quite easily and are really enjoying the studies and discipleship environment there.

As Bob headed out the door the other day, I was again reminded of all the ‘hats’ he wears. In the midst of all the Snow Bowl (winter camp) programming, counseling, and teaching, there are two hats, ‘camp promotion’ and ‘staff recruitment’ that are ever present and important. Recently, while gathering information and clips for a staff video, we have been encouraged and challenged once again by the incredible power of camp. Here are two examples of what we have been hearing—

Thoughts from a camper:

What has camp meant for you? “It’s like a safe haven for me.”
What are some of the things that have connected you to some of the counselors you’ve had here? “Most of them are younger, (glances at Bob) not saying…well… someone like Mr. Bob or something, that’s always energetic, that’s fit, that can keep up with us. Or if we do something they don’t get too angry with us…just like a big kid.”
What do you hope for in your future at camp? “…I just wanna live here…I don’t wanna leave.” Do you want to be a counselor some day? “Oh, yea!”

Thoughts from a counselor:

“What I didn’t know at the time was that working at Camp Mandaville was going to be one of the most enriching, powerful experiences of my life. During that summer I grew in my faith, I had an incredible time, I met amazing brothers and sisters in Christ and campers, and most importantly I helped point people to who Jesus is…God began to show me that He was calling me to ministry and it was during those experiences that He was shaping me to be more of the disciple of Christ that I am today.”

Please be in prayer as we seek to recruit our summer staff. We need a program director, male and female counselors, a head cook and kitchen staff, and weekly Bible teachers.

Please also pray for God’s direction and provision as we develop our Base Camp ministry which is a more intense discipleship program for 14-17-year-olds. We need strong partnerships with our local churches while seeking young people who desire a deepening Biblical basis for their faith. We are also looking to the Lord to raise funds to build a cabin for the boy participants. This will include a large screened-in porch for the entire group to meet and study. The estimated cost for this facility is $10,000. If you are led to give toward this project, please use Mandaville’s Capital Projects account #13986 using the BCM Int’l addresses on the front of this letter.

Partnering Together In Christ,

Outdoor Education Discovery Programs

#1 Saturday, March 31st 9-Noon
‘From Creation to the Trapper Shed’ – a look at the whys, how-to’s, and where to’s of fur trapping with a local resident trapper, Scott Jandreau from N. Lawrence.

#2 Saturday, April 28th 9-Noon
‘Amphibians Alive’, a vernal pool discovery with Joel Danko, a naturalist from Nicandri Nature Center, Massena.

#3 Saturday, May 19th 9-Noon
‘Spring Awakening in the Forest’, a nature discovery walk identifying spring wildflowers and edible plants, tree identification, and migratory birds, with a local forester, Henry Keller.

There is no cost to these events, however, pre-registration by contacting the camp is strongly recommended. Participants will meet at Hemlock Lodge at 9:00 am. Please dress appropriately for the woods and weather. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Mandaville Camp & Retreat Center is located at 165 Sheldon Rd, Winthrop, NY 13697. Twelve miles east of Potsdam, 2 miles west of Hopkinton, off of State Route 11B.

Contact: Bob Emmett, 328-4581,

Emmett Update

Give Camp This Christmas

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