About Us

Mandaville Camp & Retreat Center, operating under BCM International, has been offering Christian summer camp and retreat experiences to the North Country since 1974. With a winterized lodge, creation center meeting area, seasonal cabins, and 2 outpost campsites, we offer year-round programming for all ages. It is our desire to evangelize and disciple people of all ages for Jesus Christ through Bible-based camp and retreat experiences that will result in a deeper personal commitment to Christ and active involvement in a local church.

  1. Endeavoring to program into our niche – that being the personal, relational interaction between our campers and staff and the numerous opportunities to discover and learn about our Creator through shared outdoor experiences in the natural environment.
  2. Enlarging our outreach efforts and scope among the North Country communities so as to be able to serve more of the Christian and non-Christian populace through our programs and services.
  3. Making ongoing improvements to our year-round facilities and landscape to enhance the look and usefulness for our camper and retreat user guests.

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